Every employer is required to estamblish and manage a fire prevention file. 
The fire prevention file must contain at least the following documents: 

  1. Document containing the results of the risk analysis and preventive measures. 
  2. Description of the organisation of the fire-fighting service.
  3. The written procedures (Codex art. III.3-23)
  4. The evacuation plan (Codex art. III.3-13)
  5. The intervention file (Codex art. III.3-21)
  6. Findings following evacuation exercises.
  7. Available fire protection equipment (list + location on plan).
  8. Dates and findings of inspections and maintenance of:
    - fire protection equipment
    - gas installations
    - heating installations
    - air conditioning installations
    - electrical installations
  9. List of any individual deviations granted to the employer based on article 52 ARAB.
  10. Advide provided by:
    - the competent prevention advisor
    - the Committee
    - public emergency services
  11. Any information provided to the public emergency services, in particular the Royal Decree of February 16, 2006, on emergency and intervention plans.

The file must always be updated and made available to the Committee, the supervisory officers and the public emergency services.


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